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Comerica $0 down solar loans.


$0 Down And No Interest For One Full Year

Up To $25,000.00 Loan Amount

660 FICO Score

No Collateral Needed !

No Retroactive Interest. Interest Charges Begin After Twelve Months !

No Prepayment Penalties

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$0 Down Home Equity Line Of Credit

Up To $500,000.00 Loan Amount

670 FICO Score

Introductory Rate 2.99% APR*

(Applies to balances on the first 9 monthly statement cycles after the account open date)

Later Variable Rate As Low As 4.25% APR*

Convert All Or Part Of Your Variable-Rate Credit Line Into A Fixed-Rate Payment Option At Any Time.!

Interest Payments May Be Tax Deductible

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Solar leases, power purchase agreements and solar leasing company loans are three most expensive ways to finance your Solar Kits residential solar installation. The primaty reason for this is price. Despite the type of financing, Solar Kits solar leasing companies price their systems so high that their pricing essentially wipes out any savings that their financing might provide. In today's ultra low priced market, you can save thousands of dollars by purchasing your system from a regional or national dealer that offers $0 down solar financing on a fair market priced solar system.

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